Welcome all you Kiva Cheeseheads to the official web site for the Cheeseheads For Change team. We are a lending team on Kiva.org consisting of Green Bay Packers fans lovingly known as Cheeseheads, and anyone who lives in or has ties to the great state of Wisconsin.

For those that aren't familiar with Kiva, here's a quick overview of what's going on. Kiva.org is a website that aims to reduce poverty throughout the world by allowing people with money to make loans in increments of $25 to other people without money, and then over a set period of time that money gets repaid. All money loaned goes directly to the person that the loan is intended for without a middleman taking a cut, and at the end of the loan you get your $25 back to either make another loan or take back and do whatever you like with it. For a more thorough explanation of how Kiva works, please see the video below or checkout the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's) page to learn more. If you're looking for a good site to research potential borrowers checkout www.KivaLens.org

Cheeseheads for Change Team Statistics

Total Loaned for the Kiva Cheeseheads!
Total Amount Loaned:$314,825.00
Number of Loans:11285 (21.7 per member)
Number of Team Members:521
Team Created:September 25, 2008
Ranking in Sports Group Category:#2
Ranking among Wisconsin Teams:#1
Amount Loaned Across All Teams Ranking:Page 11 of 3744
Team Member Count Across All Teams Ranking:Page 9 of 3744

Video Explaining How Kiva Works